So you have the offer of a new role? But before resigning make sure you have all the info you need from your new employer:

  • Do you have the new job offer in writing, or by email?
  • Do you have your new contract, and have you read the small print?

Have you checked the following?

  • The job description is as discussed at interview
  • The job location is as expected and you have checked to can commute to manage the working hours and start times required
  • If relocation is required, have you checked property or rental prices and you are confident you can make the relocation
  • Is the Salary and bonuses (if applicable) as expected.
  • Are any expenses as agreed

So you are ready to resign…

Always leave an employer on good terms, irrespective of how you might feel about them. You never know what the future holds, and when you may be back in contact. Also remember you may need a good reference.

These guidelines will help ensure that things go as smoothly as possible:

  • Don’t hand in your notice when you are angry or upset.
  • You are NOT obliged to provide specific reasons for your resignation.
  • Write a simple letter stating the date from which your notice period will begin. It professional to put it in writing. Hand the letter to your boss when you tell them.
  • Don’t tell everyone else before you tell your boss. Inform your boss face-to-face and don’t labour on negative points about the company or the job.
  • You don’t have to tell your boss where you are going, but check your existing contract for restrictive terms. If you are leaving to go to a direct competitor you may be asked to leave the company with immediate effect and serve your notice at home on ‘garden leave’. Be prepared for this.
  • Be cooperative if you are required to help with a hand-over period. It is professional and will help ensure a good reference.
  • Make sure your work is up to date and organised before you leave.
  • You need to think about what you will say if your boss makes you a counter offer.
  • Leave on good terms. A good reference is vital.

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